"Limitations" are just imaginary boundaries

After being diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis when I was 22, I went through years of denial. I felt my body had betrayed me and I didn’t know how to process being sick with no cure. I ended up choosing to ignore the problem.
 My decision to avoid treatment led to some very painful years. Mornings where it hurt so much to even get dressed left me depressed and exhausted. The eventual deterioration of the joints in my hands was embarrassing. I was disappointed I had not taken care of myself.

In the years since I have gained a sense of pride at the fact that I have never let my Arthritis stop me from doing what I want. I bake pies, make furniture and sew. I refuse to let it take anything else from me.

 I now have very RAre Hands. They are both different, beautiful and the result of Arthritis. RAreHands creates beautiful things for everyone’s RAre-ities, aiming to inspire. We give back with a 10 percent donation on all profit to Arthritis research. – Kate Kaufman                                        

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